Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Need a Transformation

Millennials, Generation Y, the Lost Generation are all phrases that have been used to describe the peer group I was born into. Not only are we more likely to be liberal in our political and lifestyle views, but we are more likely to subscribe to no particular foundation of belief, instead taking pieces from each religion that we find suit us and creating our own. Yet, smaller, within the Christian peers I found that people are anxious for a transformation, for a revival to sweep not only through the ranks of believers, but beyond us through the whole world. My generation desperately needs leaders who are willing to push the boundaries of what churches are doing now. We need women who are not afraid to confront us about where we find our worth, value, and integrity. We need men who challenge us to be strong, independent, respectful, and fiercely unashamed of our beauty. 

I have wrestled and seen my sisters struggle as we move through life with just where we fit. Are we the pretty one? The athletic one? The smart one? The married one? There are speakers out there challenging men to overcome this passive view towards God, women, and relationships, but what about us? We have become dominant in relationships, usurping the role of men. We do not understand what healthy balance consists of as we are told you have to look here, but still have enough energy and heart to pour yourself out over there. Our footing with God is constantly in flux, our personal battles take a toll on how we believe God looks at us. Over half my friends are married, does God favor them more? I transferred from an academically competitive university to one nationally recognized for its prestige, have I failed God by doing so? I can no longer see where God’s stamp on my life has been and where my own missteps have occurred because I’m so busy worrying about what everyone thinks of my actions. We need a transformation that yells in our face, “Stop! You believe, but He will help your unbelief.” It takes a lot to be still and know that He is God, but it is time to make the noise cease. 

It is time to fight from the darkness for the light.

lux ex tenebris invictus...light triumphs out of darkness...